We repair ALL types of jewellery. To request a quote click button or call us on 01726 813018

Bracelet repairs by post

Bracelets are worn on the wrist close to the action involved in doing things with your hands! They can get caught and damaged sometimes clasps break. Don’t worry we are here to help!

We repair rings which have been damaged because they have become worn or have stones loose or missing. Rings can become thin in places and need building up or parts replaced.

Favorite earring’s sometimes need attention following frequent use. Common jobs include replacing posts and missing stones. Repairs to silver, yellow gold, white gold and platinum.

Replacing clasps. Fitting magnetic clasps (not suitable for people fitted with a pacemaker). Replacing rings which are worn such as attaching a clasp to a chain. Replacing worn bales.

Collecting charms is a great way to document those special events in your life! Charms are sometimes reminders of wonderful holidays amazing locations around the world.

All types of chains can be repaired. We can repair chains by soldering or adding links as required. Chains can be shortened if required.

We will resize your ring to the size you wish and will send you a free ring sizer if needed. Ensure the size is correct and comfortable, it should slide over your finger with out falling off.

Stones are sometimes lost when jewellery becomes worn or damaged. We will source and match stones and set them for you, securing the new stones.

Solder Charms by post